Time for a break?

As an entrepreneur and working alone there is always something that needs to be done and there is always another task that needs to be checked off the list. You see so many people working all hours of the night, and even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Myself, I would rather be up before the sun and get an early start to the day. Lately though I have been finding myself up just as early but also working a lot later than normal into the night.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love what I do, and I enjoy getting up and knowing I’m helping to make a difference for my clients. But there comes that point of exhaustion just before you burn out. I have been there before and know the signs. Well leading into the middle of last week I was at that point.

I couldn’t sleep, had to force myself to focus and push myself to get things done even though I knew I needed that break. The alarm went off last Wednesday morning and as I got out of bed to shut it off I couldn’t do it, back to bed I went. I’d like to say I enjoyed a couple more hours of sleep, but I just tossed and turned for a couple hours before getting out of bed at 7.

That was it, I was finally taking a day for myself. I managed to take my shower and then right to the couch to relax and that was where I stayed for the day. I did have one event that night and that was all that I did. It has taken me a few more days to finally get back to normal but that one day off was enough to make me feel normal again.

I know as entrepreneurs we want to “work as our competition sleeps” but there comes a time that you need to take time for yourself. Enjoy the little things and have a day to relax.

What do you do for yourself to take a break?

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Nick Russell



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