Customer service is everything!

Think back to the last time you went shopping, the last restaurant you went to. Was that experience so great that you wanted to tell them how good it was? Now think back to the last time you had a bad experience with customer service. Did you want to complain to the company about it?

People are more likely to complain to a business then they are to compliment them. For this reason, companies have to go that extra mile to make sure every customer is happy when they walk out of your doors or when they receive a product or service they got from you. I want to share 2 great experiences I have had.

The first example of great customer service that happened last week was with Fitbit. I have had my Fitbit Charge 2 since the end of January and have loved it since day one. Unfortunately, over the last month or so the band had started to peel away and the rubber sat a lot higher than the actual Fitbit watch.  So, on Tuesday of last week I contacted the Fitbit support team and after a couple of emails back and fourth they sent, for free a new band to my house. The first email was at 5pm Tuesday and by Thursday at noon I had the new band in my hands. Talk about quick and amazing service!!!

The second example of great customer service that happened was with Vistaprint. I was in need of a new laptop bag/briefcase and bought one about 2 months ago from Vistaprint. It was a great bag and even had our company logo stitched into the side of it. After only having it for roughly 2 months the bag ripped at the handle and even though the bag was functional it wasn’t very professional to look at. As I did with Fitbit, I contacted Vistaprint’s support and after a couple of emails they had one on order for me. Like Fitbit, they did not charge me for anything and on Friday the bag came in.

Now that you have heard our great customer service stories, we want to hear from you. Tell us some of your great customer service stories!!!

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