All to often in the news we are reading more and more about MVA’s (Motor Vehicle Accidents) involving people texting and driving. If you look at our Facebook post from yesterday (July 16, 2017) you will see a video that starts off funny with people walking and texting. You see people falling and tripping all over the place as they are to involved in their phones. Now, watch that to the very end and you see how real it can get. The end of the video starts out by telling us, people can’t even walk and text so why would we text and drive?

I will be honest, before I bought the car I currently have in 2012 that has Bluetooth, I was bad for the occasional text. Now that I have Bluetooth and with phones being able to operate with voice I only now answer calls in the car via Bluetooth. I will not text anymore and will wait till I am out of the car to respond. I don’t expect anyone to answer me that very second so I would hope people would expect me to be safe and respond when I am able to.

I encourage you to have a conversation with me to discuss safe options to avoid texting and driving or just hide that phone in your glove box till you are out of the car.

Please check out the video we posted yesterday on our Facebook Page as a reminder that #ItCanWait

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