Making an Impact

Are you passionate about your city? Do you want to make an impact in Windsor like I do?

On June 28th I had an amazing opportunity to speak to a packed Walkerville Theater with 8 other amazing and influential speakers about how great our city is and about making an impact. Cierra Bray from CGal Media and YQG Talks set out to make an impact and create something very special in Windsor. She wanted to showcase people that are truly doing amazing things for our city.

This was her second event of the monthly YQG Talks. A TED Talks type of event geared specifically for Windsor and both events were a huge success. I’m not going to lie, the thought of being up on stage, with the light on me and talking to a packed theater was terrifying.

I got up there and just started to talk about the city I love and why I will never leave here. Getting out of my comfort zone and speaking at YQG Talks was one of the best experiences I have done and so happy I did.

I can’t thank Cierra enough for putting these events on and I encourage all of you to attend the next event and the ones to follow, you won’t be disappointed.

Click the link below and see a clip of all of us speaking and I want to hear about why you make an impact in YQG!



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Nick Russell



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