Back From Vacation

In last weeks post we talked about getting away on vacation and leaving our work behind to enjoy our time away. Now that vacation is over, it’s time to get back and ready to own the week again!

Leaving on a 4-day weekend and having very little access to a cell phone and no other electronics with me there was absolutely no work being done. I will say I felt very guilty the first day, thinking I should be doing something but that quickly faded. Being with great friends, enjoying the weather, the sun and cottage life I had a chance to read a lot and enjoy the company of friends.

There was a lot of time to reflect and think sitting by the fire late at night and that gave me some great ideas on where we are going to go in the future.

I want to know, after you get back from vacation and head to the office or workplace the following day after returning, do you feel recharged and ready to own the new work week or are you tired and wish you were back on vacation?

Let us know how you feel about being back and let’s have a conversation!

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Nick Russell



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